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I am a human rights and equalities lawyer, a freelance writer, a traveller and a food obsessive. I am from London, but my passions and work have led me to live, love and work in the Middle East, India and parts of Latin America This blog is a collection of some of my writings on issues that most matter to me – politics, culture, food and travel.

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  1. Nice essay about the hurricane and the need to end the blockade. It’s really not an embargo, which would only affect citizens, residents and businesses in the United States. It’s a blockade because Washington tries to force the rest of the world to comply with its efforts to starve the island back into the stone age and thus into submission to Washington’s will.


    Walter Lippmann
    Los Angeles, California

  2. SKJ permalink

    You are right. When you use the Spanish word, el bloqueo, the full force of the blockade, and of its inhuman effects, hit home. Condoleeza Rice has just refused to lift the sanctions/blockade/embargo (whichever words best suit). She reportedly says that Bush would be prepare to respond “to a Cuban regime that is prepared to release political prisoners (and) has a process to get to free and fair elections.” She then adds that “we can see nothing that suggests that has come about.” The irony of both of these comments is extreme: Guantanamo and Florida are close to many Cubans, both physically and emotionally. Both of those places should conjure up the spirit of no political prisoners and free and fair elections {irony intended}.

    Thanks for your comments

  3. Thanks for following my blog! A quick browse through some of your entries suggests that you and I have an uncannily similar approach to current affairs. I’m also an aspiring human rights lawyer (hoping to start law school in September) so I look forward to getting a glimpse into your world through your blog :)

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